Crypto Multi-Wallet powered by Reflex

Store your $RFX and all the best crypto, use them to buy giftcards and have a real-life use.

Welcome to Quasar Wallet

A quasar is an extremely luminous active galactic nucleus, powered by a supermassive black hole.

We chose this name because we identify directly with this strangeness of the universe because we want to represent this wallet as the nucleus of the Cryptocurrency galaxy, powered by the supermassive black hole which for us is our Reflex token (RFX).


Crypto Multi-Wallet & Giftcards Marketplace

Store, Send and Receive all your best crypto without any fee in one safe wallet. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Binance Coin, Reflex (ERC20), Reflex (BEP20), USDT and many more.

Powerfull marketplace where you can Trade your crypto, Buy Giftcards and enjoy your crypto in real life.

How it Works

All in one

Fast, at no cost, all in one wallet, real use case for your crypto, maximum security.

No Fees

The users can send and receive crypto using their Quasar email account at no cost at all.

$RFX Wallet

The first unique Reflex wallet for both your $RFX ERC20 and BEP20.

Track your Portfolio

Your crypto portfolio in one place, with prices, news and much more.

Quasar Wallet App

Enjoy all the features of the Quasar Wallet directly on the go with your mobile devices.

Fast and super secure app, with QR Code generator for all your wallets and 2FA system.

Quasar Wallet Mobile App

Accept payments in Crypto on your website with Quasar

Receive payments in cryptocurrencies directly in your stores and ecommerce with our easy to install HTML widget.

Just copy and paste the code and your customers will be able to pay in crypto on your website. You will receive the payments directly in your Quasar Wallet.

Quasar Wallet Widget

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